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A bl_nk canvas for collaboration, chance encounter, and adaptation. The result - two bleached rooms with traces of their former presence. The space has been a construction site, workshop, gallery, cinema. A place where things fall apart & somehow come back together. A place with infinite layers of paint and plaster, superficially covering up past narratives. The space is not only site-bound to Fulham, but is also a set of values.


56 Dawes Road




United Kingdom

Opening Hours

Friday to Sunday

12 to 7pm

& by appointment.

[2] t H E I R

The name represents both the gallery, studios within, and people passing through it as a whole. t H E I R hopes to be more than a name but rather a statement of collective influence - something that will always change to reflect the sum of its parts. The gallery has been created on the back of a lack of city space to freely make works that don’t require justification, with a community of artists whose window to the world is our front gallery space.
With a focus on emerging contemporary art and artists, the exhibition programme centres on work which approaches existing methods, techniques and subject matter in a unique and novel way. 

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