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'Artificial Realism'

The way we live, work and think is undergoing radical change. AI’s sweeping tides of efficiency will leave no corner of society unturned; neural nets providing equal parts innovation, disinformation & digital addiction. The process of dividing artifice from actual, real from unreal is already so close to impossible as to be rendered a moot point. 

A glance into our future with AI is uncertain. We sit at an unprecedented time where AI exists without much restriction, seemingly in the hands of any person with an internet connection. It’s power, accuracy and speed pose many urgent yet unanswerable questions for both the individual and society as a whole.  As the content we read online becomes progressively more difficult to distinguish from AI, information gained from our own lived experience becomes increasingly vital. 

Artist and curator of the show, Hugo Knox, has commissioned a unique group of creators and professionals ranging from artist, photographer, sculptor, architectural designer, AI artist and robotics engineer. They will, for the first time, collaborate on an ingenuitive body of work - building an immersive, looping yet playful view of both a possible future and a very real present - using Camberwell Green, and its many unique characters, as the set and stage.


The curation deliberately reflects the question of real versus fake - a ‘chicken and egg’ situation in the context of AI. Though all departing from the central painting of Camberwell Green, the presentation is not intended to have a beginning or an end - a metaphorical and metaphysical representation of our potential future reality. We encourage you to enter the point of view of each of these different characters, in their different media and forms, real or unreal, to see our future how they might see it, in this very moment in time.


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