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“I am trying to understand the mind as a very liquid thing - to doubt and doubt and doubt; in the same sense with paint and with the image itself”

Jesus Crespo, b.1989, is an emerging contemporary Spanish painter currently based in Madrid. He is quickly gaining traction for his distinctive approach, primarily working with oil paint and vinyl resin on canvases of varying sizes. His unique gestural language defies easy categorization, existing in a realm between abstraction and figurative representation, with his rich artistic journey currently exploring the themes: metamorphosis, dissolution and the extrapolation of images. 


Crespo has gained recognition through his participation in a broad range group and solo exhibitions, competitions, curatorial practices, both in Spain and internationally. With notable solo exhibitions at the Estampa Art Fair in 2022, with Arniches 26 in Madrid, Spain; along with Ladrón [de Guevara], in Guadalajara, Mexico; and notable group shows including the Turps Banana Leavers Exhibition in 2023, at the Turps Banana HQ in London, UK; Savia II, at AP1 Artnueve in Murcia, Spain; Recreational Grounds VII, at the Aylesbury State, in London, United Kingdom (as a guest curator and artist); Babele, at Spazio Musa, in Turin, Italy; UVNT Art Fair, with Arniches 26, in Madrid, Spain; Around About, at Galeria Pada, in Lisbon Portugal amongst others. 


His artistic contributions have additionally earned him a place in and amongst other esteemed collections, namely: the DiGood Collection in Madrid, Spain, Cerámica Suro in Guadalajara, Mexico, Fundación Banco Sabadell in Barcelona, Spain, Fundación Ankaria in Madrid, Spain, and KoMASK vzw in Antwerp, Belgium. 


Crespo has participated in and won awards at the notable: XII Biennial of Plastic Arts Ciudad de Albacete, in Albacete, Spain; KoMASK Masters Salon Painting 2017, Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antwerp, in Antwerp, Belgium; II Plastic Arts Contest Four Seasons Hotel, Madrid, Spain.


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