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art + artist requirements:

UK-based emerging artists only. 

Preference for applications with 6 works or more, as part of a series.

All mediums welcome with an emphasis on painting.

This includes but is not limited to:

- Painting

- Sculpture

- Photography

- Moving image

- Performance 

- Fashion/Textile

- Urban

submission requirements: *

1. Artist bio (Including education, past solo/group shows)

2. Artist statement (Your practice/process/methods/themes etc.)

3. Exhibition proposal (A bit about the work you are submitting)

4. Doc containing your list of available works in PDF.

For each work please show:

- HighRes image

- Title of work

- Materials used

- Dimensions 

- Price 

* You do not need to have an art education/previous shows to apply.

All backgrounds are highly encouraged, so please do include them in your bio.

* These 1-3 can all be in bullet point format if necessary.

* Please keep text as succinct as possible. 

Please submit your proposals to

Space details:

Ceilings are 2.9 meters high

Floor plan on request


Applications close on Thursday, February 29th at 6pm.

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