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"It is sometimes as subtle as the particular colour of the grass. It is very different to how it is and also how it isn't somewhere else. And what is it about a colour that tells you that it's not in the countryside; that tells you that it's a London park? Or what is it about the space in between trees, that tells you the same kind of thing… Some of the paintings represent these ideas much more obviously, and some of them I'd like to think are a little bit more subtle."

Quentin Martin, b.1996, is a British painter and architectural designer currently based between Dorset and London. Working mostly in oils and painting en plein air, his subjects mainly include landscapes as well as still life and people. The urban and rural landscape has been a captivating subject of Quentin’s for some time. Whilst feeling an inclination towards natural subjects, Quentin looks to find moments where human intervention has a presence in the landscape. 


The particulars which define the difference between urban and rural green space - the nature of gardening, the spaces between plants or presence of certain abiotic or biotic elements - are all avenues of exploration for his painting. 


Quentin is a colourist who uses composition and an enhanced palette to suggest other ways of reading the landscape; extracting the ultimately abstract qualities from within the figurative subject.


After his first joint exhibition for the Beaminster Festival in 2011, at the age of 15, Quentin went on to receive art scholarships to Perrott Hill, Bryanston, The Architectural Association, The Essential School of Painting and The Royal Bath and West Show. Quentin recently graduated with an Architecture MA from the Royal College of Art, where he continued his deep interest in the relationship between rural and urban landscapes, this time looking more specifically at the way we as society have allowed for or responded to greenery and nature existing within the urban landscape. 

Quentin has gained recognition through his participation in a broad range of exhibitions within the UK namely his present solo show at tHEIR Gallery, which succeeds his shows at Stinsford Studios, Gallery Tresco in 2023, and prior to this The Mall Galleries in 2022, 2021 and 2015. Alongside this, he has additionally showcased his work at The South West Academy, at Kennaway House in 2021 as well as The New English Art Club, The Next Big Thing, Espacio Gallery, Green and Stone Gallery in 2020 in London, UK amongst others.


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