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[3] their X TAMIA ‘a kind gesture’

The process:

We started by choosing one of t’s canvases which we found interesting because it in some way reflected the blank canvas that is the gallery. The white backdrop of the painting sets the scene for the gestures to occur, giving them room to breathe and jump out. From that we went through an iterative process exploring various gestures through a series of scales arriving at four 160 x120 cm canvases. The canvases’ scale is so large that one can make out minute details, mistakes & dust of the medium (spray paint). From further, one feels as if you could almost climb into them. The scale and minimality of her gestures allow you to understand how the paint leaves the canister itself. The final work is in essence the process, where each piece represents a snapshot of the past two weeks rather than a conclusion.


‘a kind gesture’:

A subtle, colourful whisper. 

Gesture: “a movement of part of the body, especially a hand or the head, to express an idea or meaning”.

Kind: “generous, helpful, and thinking about other people's feelings

This gesture is a suggestion to look inwards, rather than a command. Elements of the work are there to be seen if you want to look deeper; equally the work stands from a distance. As such the ‘gesture’ is bold yet considerate to the viewer, allowing them to experience the piece as they see fit.


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