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Zoë Hoare's 'UNFOLD'

‘UNFOLD’ speaks to the word’s multiple meanings. The first being the very literal, as the opening up and unbending of something that otherwise presents itself as closed or flattened. The second refers to the unravelling or evolution of certain stories, ideas or degrees of understanding. 


At first glance, this series of work appears metallic, as though it is a composition of physical volumes cut into or sculpted onto a surface, but the reality is something entirely different. 


The colour of each piece is an almost natural palette that stems from the iterative process of cutting, photographing, printing on trace, then re-cutting and layering. Through each step in the process another shade or layer of colour settles on top of the one before it.


This exploration of the fragile quality of paper, alongside material translucency, creates ethereal and glowing pieces. Their three-dimensional physical forms allow for the works to take on a life of their own with the subtle and unhurried changing of daylight.


Here, she looks to establish an uncanny harmony between the destructive technique of cutting and the often-delicate outcomes which emerge. This playful and inquisitive process is at the core of her practice, continuously favouring the act of discovery over that of representation. The act of discovery is delayed, slowed, through the gap in understanding between the surface appearance of a work and its underlying structure. In turn, we are encouraged to contemplate and reflect.


Despite not setting out to create a sense of mystery, Zoe’s work does so inherently. One is not completely sure what they are looking at, or why it compels them. Yet it does, somehow, and in some way. Here questions are set up that are intentionally left unanswered.


With this Zoë deliberately blurs the start and the endpoints of what the material she uses ever was, pushing us to dwell in the liminal space that exists between perception and understanding.


Zoe’s work encourages us to consider whether it is simply more inspiring to exist within a space of endless possibilities.





  1. 1.

    open or spread out from a folded position.

    "he unfolded the map and laid it out on the table"

    Similar: open out, spread out, stretch out, flatten, straighten out, unfurl, unroll, unravel, uncoil, unwind, extend.

    Opposite: fold up.

  2. 2.

    (of events or information) gradually develop or be revealed.

    "there was a fascinating scene unfolding before me"

    Similar: develop, evolve, happen, take place, occur, transpire, unroll.


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