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"In my latest creations, there are new flowers, sunflowers, which are different from those in the lowlands. Their petals are curled at high altitudes, unlike those in the plains. They are too special. The flower language of sunflowers is "My eyes only have you," and I think this contains my silent love for Tibet"

Zhenlin Zhang (b 1998, China), is currently a postgraduate student at the Royal College of Art, specialising in oil painting. With a diverse background in various forms of art, Zhenlin’s focus lies in exploring the human experience, the relationships between different cultures, and the emotional connections within individuals.


Zhenlin’s fascination with Tibet is the result of many months spent in Tibet visiting his father, over the course of several years. Through these extended periods, he was able to immerse himself in the local culture and tradition as a kind visitor and sensitive observer. His relationship to Tibet is one that is long lasting, one of admiration, of fascination and one of awe. 


Over the years he has continued to revisit Tibet, in its physicality, in his mind and through his work, with each ‘re-visit’ unveiling new lessons about life, about people and about the essence of the human condition. He takes these learnings with him, for each new series he embarks on, with each uncovering a new layer of understanding. The relationship to Tibet is a profound and long-lasting theme throughout the body of his works.  

His education in classical painting techniques is evident throughout his work. Remaining true to his style and to these foundations in classical painting is something that remains of the utmost importance to him, as he evolves and advances his style.


Zhenlin graduated with First-Class honours from the University of Reading, where his work was recognized through selection in the 33rd edition of the Art Maze Mag’s open call. His notable exhibitions and recognitions include ‘Many Shades Of Love’ at the Rising Sun Arts Centre in February 2022, where his work was selected for full participation and a speech. Additionally, his work has been recognised by institutions like the Freelands Foundation.


His recent exhibitions include appearances at the M P Birla Millennium Art Gallery for the Transitional Traces Exhibition in March 2024, The Noho Showrooms for “The Future of Belonging” in May 2024, and the Peckham Arches for “Are We There Yet?” in April 2024.

In December 2023, Zhenlin was the recipient of the December Grant at Artsin square.


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