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"It’s about slowing down our process of understanding - about thinking about looking, about what that means and about how to slow that down. It’s important."

Zoë Hoare, b 1992, is an emerging contemporary English visual artist currently based in London, UK. She is quickly gaining traction for her unique approach, which moves between the mediums of painting and sculptural relief. Her work and exploration can be defined as iterative, playful and inquisitive. She places importance on the careful tampering, testing and making as a means to discover and uncover new methods and potentials for the materials she engages with. 


Her practice explores the idea that abstraction can be used as a means to challenge and slow down our process of reflection, looking at how we navigate the space between illusion and reality. She does this by using varying scales as well as layering of materials to create an intentional blur in our understanding.


Zoë has gained recognition through her participation in a broad range of solo and group shows across the UK. With notable solo exhibitions including ‘A MOMENT IN TIME’ at Rhodes Contemporary Art, in London in 2022; ‘SEEING THROUGH FOLDS’ at Soho Revue in London in 2019, ‘Zoë Hoare’ at 2 Soho Square, in London in 2016 as well as ‘Zoë Hoare’ at the The Muse Gallery on Portobello Road in London, UK amongst others. Her notable group shows include: FEMME-ATE at Soho Revue in London in 2022; Skinscapes at Unit 1 Gallery in London in 2017; Works on Paper at Cube Gallery in London in 2017; ‘From the Studio Floor’ at Guildhall in Cambridge in 2016; City and Guilds of London Art School MA show, City and Guilds of London Art School, 2016; ‘From the Studio Floor’ at Anise Gallery, London, 2016; ‘In the Making’ BA show at The Rag Factory in London in 2013 and finally ‘+44 Exhibition’ BA show at City and Guilds of London Art School in 2012 amongst others.


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